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Originally Posted by tescosamoa View Post
Cory the first week the RFA ,UFA market is high But you should be able to snag some good 29 year old's for cheap. I would look for 26 and 29 year olds in the the 1000 to 700 range. Upgrade every position and then next season grab a whole new first line again in the 1200 to 850 range. Goal this season with the new players is to finish in the 12-16 range and build chemistry for your back up, easy win games / injury replacement players. Season two upgrade all the positions again with UFA and RFA. Season 3 play with your team and then start to upgrade again as their contracts end.

More importantly you are going to need a stadium to cover those costs. So I would recommend you stop with the facilities except for the maint. Make it the goal to be able to spend 81M at the end of the season on a triple max.

Tough spot you have for spending money.
Been following this so far. At first, I was worried I was bidding too high on FAs. Then I saw how often I was outbid, how often the contracts were extended if I wasn't, and how much similar players went for on the regular market and decided I was comfortable with what I was bidding. Snagged a new goalkeeper today. I might have overpaid for him by $1-2 million, but it was one of my weakest spots and I think he's really going to help keep me in games. Or I could simply be basing that off his previous sales and not current market value and I'm fine.

Tonight it looks like I'm picking up a CM and a defender as long as neither team decides to match at the last minute. For the CL on the CM I feel like I might have overpaid, but compared to the regular market, it's still not too bad. It's a bit of a crapshoot. I throw out a bunch of bids each night and check the next morning to see what sticks.

EDIT: Big thanks to Mr. Orange for making it easier to sift through the FA market and separate the studs from the duds.

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