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02-19-2014, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Idlerlee View Post
Theres a very distinct difference between a broken bone and a fractured one. A fracture wont immediately show up on an X-ray since what you're seeing is not a cleanly broken bone, but the healing process thats "highlighting" if you will the area of the fractured element.

That is why they said there was no broken bone, but a later X-ray revealed a small fracture. Since Zucc is only wearing a brace he's probably only sustained a stable fracture, which is a clean tear in the bone, no shattering. Ie. a simple fracture.

Personally I think that Zucc playing anywhere before mid March is unrealistic. Optimistic at best.

I wouldnt worry about his contract though, he's shown enough to warrant a extension, a couple weeks off wont change any of that
I just hate when people do this. You have no idea the extent of his injury and are speculating that he won't be available until Mid-March. Let's wait and see.

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