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02-02-2004, 04:09 PM
Larry Melnyk
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Originally Posted by FrankieD
With the end of the current CBA this summer, I know that the finance of the league will be changed either drastically, with a salery cap, or minorly, with some kind of luxury tax, as in baseball. As a Ranger fan, of course, I hope not the see anything too radical like a salery cap. .
Honestly, a salary cap is the only thing that can POSSIBLY save the Rangers from themselves and their myopic owners and GM (if he's still here)...If not, no matter what changes are made to the game, the rangers will still be the laughinstock and a cause for nightly indigestion...

OTOH, an opening up of the game would make it easier to root for a secondary team like the Thrashers.....

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