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02-02-2004, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by oldtimer
In another thread, jas had the right idea. Chanting "Fire Sather" merely rolls off of Jimmy boy's back. But a chant of "CABLEVISION SUCKS", perhaps in tandem, as in "Fire Sather ... Cablevision sucks!" chanted loudly and clearly enough so that it gets broadcast over the air, and no amount of ignoring by Sam & JD could cover up, would get his attention. Hit 'em in the pocketbook. That's all that counts, anyways.

Back in the late 60's, when CBS was televising the game, they set up a camera right in front of my seat, partially obscuring mine and others' view. We started a local chant "CBS Sucks!", but we were right next to Bob Woolf, the broadcaster at that time. It went out over the air. Would you believe the next day I got a call at work from Mr. Jennings, who owned the team at the time, begging me to cease and desist. Ya gotta know where they're vulnerable.
did they move the camera?

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