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Originally Posted by Fixed to Ruin View Post
What bothers me about articles like this one is that the writer didn't even bother to check things like No Trade Clauses that is easily accessible on cap geek. He doesn't watch NHL hockey outside of maybe a handful HNIC and Oilers games and its apparent when the article is very vague and just fantasy style speculation.

He also didn't check any of the news regarding Spezza even though TSN posted an article a week ago basically refuting any notion of a Spezza trade. LeBrun posted an article a month or so ago saying that the Sens are in a win now mode. Things i found in 30 seconds of google searching.

I could have written an article that was 100x better than that one. But what do i know. I'm just some random internet hockey fan who has gamecenter and watches 5-7 games a week with google skills. I also don't have a fancy website to make my opinions seem legitimate.
The reason I call these articles spam is that the same "partners" are generating most of this crap and I complain more about it when its say 3 different junk threads simultaneously being posted. By people that have never or rarely even bothered to post in this board or even in their threads. This going against any kind of messageboard etiquette I've ever experienced. Post lame thread, get hits for outside site, walk away. Rinse, lather, repeat endlessly.

Can't wait for the next one..

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