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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
How on Earth did Hossa (who up until the last 4 games had all of 2 goals and 3 assists) EARN that spot ahead of Prucha? What has Hossa shown in the last two years that would have anyone believe that he has more potential to be a top-6 forward than Prucha? Prucha has done his share of earning, but only Renney's foolish belief that a player like him should not be a top-6 forward has him playing anywhere but.
He has just as much potential as Prucha, results, Prucha has got him beat. Marcel has alot of potential; he hasn't been able to convert that into results. Hossa has for most of the season played very solid. On many nights, especially in the last 2 months, when most of the team hasn't shown up he's consistently been one of our better players. Also, I've always advocated playing a physical forward with Jagr. Sending out Jagr with Strak and Nylander is insane especially when you consider the other teams have been using the likes of Colin White, Hatcher, Witt, Stuart, etc. against him. Hossa fits the bill much better than Prucha.

Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
This is getting old. Until it is a problem, why treat it like one? Until he shows that he cannot do it, why invent reasons for him not to be playing where he deserves?

He's also build like Feury was and Gionta is. Or St. Louis. Or Sullivan. Or Kariya. No one seems to be worried about them not being able to play for the whole season.
He needs to have a center who can feed him. He needs to shoot the puck and with his size he won't create much offense himself so he needs someone who can feed him the biscuit. With Jagr & Shanny being the go to guys on the top two lines it doesn't leave much for Prucha. Whenever Prucha has been on the ice with Jagr he's looked for JJ to shoot. He didn't have much chemistry early in the season with Shanny so where does that leave him? He's a victim of how this team is set up. He really needs to be the go to guy on his team and right now he is far down on the list of options. We may not agree with that but it is what it is.

Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
That does not change the fact that playing not playing him on the top two lines is a prime example of the Rangers not putting their best forward prospect since the likes of Amonte, Kovalev & Weight, into a position for best success.
I usually agree with that statement but not in this case. Once again, where would you have him playing? I think Hossa is a better option on the 1st line and Shanny has made his feelings on Avery pretty clear. Unless you want to try him centering the 2nd line (which would be a huge mistake), how and where would you slot him in the top 6?

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