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02-02-2004, 04:53 PM
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Brooks & Dellpina today

It's not for the fact that he (Brooks) talks about Kennan that I wanted to post this. It's for gems like this:

"Prior to Saturday's game in Buffalo, Sather told some members of the traveling party that he'd have the Rangers take a 10-hour bus ride home if they lost. It's not known whether the players were aware of this puerile attempt at motivation, or how serious the threat was, but the Rangers did fly home after losing. He won't match lines, won't bench players, won't hold practices, but he'll threaten bus rides. He'll threaten bus rides and ride Messier to the detriment of the team. "
How long have we been saying this? The easiet thing that Sather can do to make the team better is to match lines. Just match Holik against the other teams top line.

"Other than mystification, what other reaction could there have been from Rangers players who have, to this point, been disciplined so little this season that several have publicly begged for teammates to be benched?

Sather has rejected that time-honored technique for rousing his players. In fact, in ridiculing the suggestion several times, he has been adamant in his contention that players need to police themselves.

"You guys make me laugh with that," Sather said recently. "Accountability shouldn't be to the coach. Guys have to be accountable to their teammates. When you develop that accountability, you can go a long way.""

What effin' century is this clown living in?

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