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02-19-2014, 02:05 PM
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Originally Posted by 40oz View Post
Winning all those medals is extremely impressive, they dominate in speed skating, not the Winter Olympics. I just think that if we're ranking the countries performance at the Olympics it should represent that.

And having so many variations of an event certainly doesn't diminish the value of an medal placing at all, but in my opinion it just doesn't make for a good national ranking. If you could find an overall winner for each sport and rank them based on that it would seem to make more sense.

It's the same thing I see in the summer where there are 17 different swimming events. So 17 events, mens + womens, bronze/silver/gold, and they're handing out over 100 medals for just swimming (not including synchronized). That can have massive influence on the medal count. Speed skating or any other sport with so many events is no more or less important than any other sport in the Olympics even if it is given an inflated sense of worth.
It's hard to disagree with that.

As a whole, Holland definitely isn't anywhere as strong overall as a nation as the other top Winter Olympic countries. Hard to see their dominance and performance on the long track oval at these games as anything other than somewhat of a perfect storm as they find themselves in a golden age of long track. Not a feat I'd expect to see ever repeated again, at least in the manner that the Dutch are doing it in Sochi but it's troubling to see the lack of Canadian and Korean competition, especially after Vancouver. While it doesn't diminish the medals, I would argue that it's not a good thing for the sport either.

It'd be interesting to see where the United States would be in the Summer Olympics medal tally without their dominance in swimming. Like you mentioned, the sports with multiple disciplines do tend to have the ability way the count in a significant manner; especially when those countries (Holland, US) disproportionately invest more in those sports (Long track, Swimming) then almost every other country combined. The only way to make these sports more competitive is for other countries to have greater vested interest and more resources available for their athletes if they looking to compete with the big powers other than being happy with snagging the odd medal here and there.

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