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02-19-2014, 02:17 PM
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I think 15-16 medals per Winter games is a decent baseline for Canada to aim for. If they get more than that, great. 20+ is just swell.

Russia might win 24+ but this Olympics will probably always have a blemish on it for them because their hockey team didn't even medal on home ice ... so there's always that, lol.

I'm not really a "I'm a Canadian sports fan, you Canadian athletes owe me something, you better not screw up" type, it's more I want the medals not for national pride or some arbitrary medal number so much as I want to see our athletes get rewarded for all the effort they put in to their training.

And yeah as mentioned above "medal count" can be wildly misleading with the disproportionate amount of medals in certain events. I'm not going to tell a Canadian athlete in a sport that only awards 1 medal that his/her funding is getting cut so that we can focus on a sport that awards more medals just so we can have some arbitrary medal count.

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