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02-19-2014, 02:20 PM
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You're right. How could I ever think that the all mighty Trotz and his this wonderful offensive system was to blame and that Poile has not given him the correct players to play in.

When Trotz said this summer these are the players he personally targeted with Poile he was just lying to protect Poile right?

I mean the proof is in the pudding right, when Trotz had the Kariya's and Sullivan's the team produced offensively? I'd also point out that your hated Legwand had his best years then. I'm guessing you'll say, "it was a contract year" "he hasn't done it since" but we've not had those type wingers since either.

I could give a crap less if we keep Legwand or get rid of him. At this point, it's the 2 leaders I want gone.

I could also care less about someone's sex obsessions, as long as they're not doint stuff that's illegal, pedophiles or rapist.

Also, the link I attached has the date on the Legwand, zetterberg discussion.

Also, I was talking about Wilson, don't know why Legwand was even brought up other than you trolling me for the 2005 Zetterberg comment.

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