Thread: Prospect Info: David Musil vs. Oscar Klefbom
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02-19-2014, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by raab View Post
This is pure speculation for all we know Penner could have exceled here playing with RNH or something. More speculation but if we had Penner perhaps we wouldn't have been playing guys like MPS above his head or have guys like Phillip Cornet in the fricken lineup. Maybe we could have took a step in not being the worst team in the league and have been competing for the playoffs by now. To me that would have been worth more then Teubert and a mid 1st round pick.
Penner would not be on this team right now. He had 2 chances to sign with the Oilers since then. If we was going to sign with the Oilers, he would of. Plus Im betting we offered big money to him to and he turned it down. He was/ and would have continued to be the whipping boy on the Oilers, and he is the opposite of guy who can handle it.

Perron is a better player than Penner, playing the same position and brings girt (plus way more competitiveness), and we aren't a playoff team. So how would Penner make us a playoff team? assuming he was still here. And theres no way wed have both Perron and Penner. The only reason we got Perron was because we had cap space, if we kept Penner wed have no cap space and couldn't make that deal

We need better D to become a playoff team, if only we had good D prospects....

Im not speculating he had 2 bad seasons, he actually had two bad seasons (3 to be exact). Its speculation he would have had good seasons

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