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02-19-2014, 05:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
Great win and not diminishing it at all but consistency is a hallmark of the top sledders. Once you have mastery over a track these days that's it. Whoever has strongest push and reads best line.

Also that present day bobsled runs are very forgiving and for obvious reason after Vancouver.
The turns now are such that few if any sleds are careening out of control, the bumps are minor, and hardly any time lost. The sleds are also different now and absorb side bumps differently. Sleds used to really go careening from one bump to another once the driver touched a wall. This rarely happens anymore.

This is now more and more about how you start, speed you can generate, and finding the line. Do that and you can make mistakes and still win and with very similar times.
I have to ask, did you watch the entire Women's bobsled event today? Because Canada's gold medal winner was one of the few sleds that got down that run in the way that you describe...I saw a LOT of teams banging their way down the track, careening through curves so badly that some would touch the top barricade. I'm frankly amazed that Team Brazil managed to get down without killing themselves. Even USA's silver medal winners was making huge gaffes on their final run, IMO they lost the gold as much as Canada won it.

I'd say your observation is much more accurate with the men's teams, it's obvious the women's side has a much wider disparity in talent between the top teams and the rest.

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