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02-19-2014, 09:09 PM
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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Anyone ever wonder "Would my goalie make a good central midfielder?" Neither have I. But that's what happened in my ChL game today. I completely forgot that Leonard Stamper was suspended from season 5. Luckily the only mistake the auto-lineup made was putting my goalie in as a CF. He got a 15 igr, and I still controlled the center square 10.64 to 6.36.

My goalie actually got a better rating at CM than his goalie got playing in goal
That's awesome! It reminds me of this World Cup qualification match. (and yes, I almost feel obligated to bring it up every time a goalie plays out of position)

On of my CMs picked up a red card in the 17th minute today and I went on to a 0-0 draw despite winning STs 7-0. Not the outcome I was looking for, but it's not going to send my team into panic mode either.

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