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02-20-2014, 03:15 AM
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Another rough game. We switched rinks after a few years to play new teams and play during the week on a larger rink. We have slightly better talent than these new teams but just get out game-planned week after week.

Tonight was our playoff game and we ended up in a 0-5 hole by the time I potted one to finish it out 1-5. I am a better forward, but have had to step in to play D most of this season due to a shortage on our roster. I think we had about 10 shots or so total over the game (trying to pass too much, terrible breakout, passing up shots) and I had 4 of them.

On the bright side, heading into a Vegas tourney where I will have to (get the opportunity for more reps) play D, I found myself picking my spots better to jump into the play and control the flow. 3 of my shots were solid opportunities with a rebound one-timer through traffic, and two that I snuck in down the right point for a pass in the high slot. One hit the goalie in the chest and the other went bar-down for my first goal of the season and my first in that way.

The nice thing about the goal, other than snapping a goal slump from the point, is once I received the pass, I decided to pivot to backwards to drag the puck in during a short glide towards the slot and shoot with more leverage all in one motion. That was a first as well. I also called for the pass which we have struggled with as well.

Areas to improve on D:
  • Skate with the puck on the breakout when that option is given and no forwards are open/skating themselves open
  • Mindfully facing the play 1v1 and maintaining stick position to force the play
  • Instead of always attempting to out skate the forchecker around the net, recognize the opportunity to skate hard, stop, and bank the puck back to myself to create more time and reset. There were a few times on the PP I made a smart play like this to isolate myself and the puck, but one time I didn't where I tossed the puck up the boards that led to a too many men penalty during a change.
  • Having confidence in my 1v1 skills that I am still developing. My fear of losing the puck or squandering an opportunity is squandering opportunities. Had a low risk chance on the PK that I ended up cycling high and dumping low.

It's a never-ending quest to be a better player. That's the best part.

Edit: My goal and chances were solid for two reasons. (1) I have permanently switched to black tape from a long time at white tape because the black tape helps me stickhandle with my head up. I like the look of white tape better, but I also like the less flashly look of black tape. (2) On a whim, I played with a stick that is the exact same specs as the one I've used all season (Bauer G3 95 flex P92/sakic with an added inch to be ~90-92 flex) to the kreps/e28 version I have. I thought it would give me more basic handles and it delivered. Added more fluid sauce as well.

Super long, thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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