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02-20-2014, 10:49 AM
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Originally Posted by doulos View Post
This just isn't true, otherwise 90% of the athletes who will never win a medal, wouldn't bother showing up. Many, if not most, are there to perhaps try and beat their own personal records, national records, or to take part in the grand spectacle that is the Olympics.

Yes, competition is massively important, but the nationalistic dick-wagging that goes on over combined medal totals misses the point by so much that it's hilarious.
Definitely. But Canada happens to be in a position where we send a large contingent of athletes who's "personal best" just so happens to result in a podium finish. As do the Americans, Russians, Germans, and few others in select sports.

The "dick-wagging" between the elite countries is simply a result of judging yourself against competitors of equal strength to you. There is no Canadian dick-wagging against Poland or Belarus.

Moments like the Peruvian cross country skier are fantastic. No denying it. But the context is what makes it so. It's almost unfathomable that somebody from Peru would complete an Olympic ski race, and it's judged and appreciated with that in mind. Snow-covered countries of the western hemisphere are rightfully judged with a different set of expectations. Whether or not those expectations are met just so happens to be quantified by the awarding of medals, hence the focus.

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