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02-20-2014, 03:54 PM
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The cap--50 player limit of contracts any team can have cuts the ability of a team to absorb a major player loss. Hard as it is to make trades these days the players move around a lot through free agency. There's much more $ involved and a business ethos for all the actors involved in a contract including the players. There's less IMO of players sticking up for their teammates because of that.

The Rangers of the 90's were an extremely talented team and a very tough one. Graves more than any other Rangers player IMO epitomized what it was to be a Ranger. He always had his teammates backs. The slash to Lemieux was hardly an unusual play for the day. Everybody whacked each other all the time. It's surprising that no one's even mentioned the regular business of defensemen crosschecking the **** out of any opposition player crashing their crease. Players would be flattened all night long without a referee raising his hand.

Lemieux was a great hockey player but unless you're a Penguin fan he was a hard person for any die hard fan of any other team to like. The casual fans sure. People ***** about Crosby whining all the time. Lemieux was 5 X worse. He was a very big player but had a habit of falling to the ice as if he was shot dead and it's no wonder that Graves thought he was faking it. His off ice demeanor IMO was terrible--this aristocratic self-centered--'I'm bigger than the game' persona. Didn't like him then--don't like him now and I'm pretty damn sure I'm never going to like the ****er.

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