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Originally Posted by Trade Legwand View Post
So I finally hit 11 experience..

Added a couple pieces that should help me out for next season.

Martin Vašenda591$525,000
Patrick Freidig491$10,000
Roland Blum484$10,000
Ladislav Soudek479$10,000
Jacob Schoeniger451$10,000
Ignác Lupínek443$10,000
Karlo Wacker414$20,000
Willy Ahnert401$10,000
Vratislav Kmínek376$10,000
Antonios Koumanidis366$10,000
Well done man! Some significant improvements over a day 1 roster!


In other news, I drew 1-1 today against an inactive team in league play, thanks to an early straight red. I played my 12-22 players on L/L. Should have been enough given a 50+ OTS difference between the fielded lineups. Ah well. Still undefeated, but, I'll be -2pts off the pace now.

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