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Originally Posted by suprvilce View Post
I took a quick look at your team, in case leagues don't get reshuffled your leage leads to III.2 and then to II.2 - this is the league i would suggest you to look at and slowly start buying very cheap players off FA market to compete in that league. It's gonna take 2 seasons to promote there but i don't think it should be hard to make your team competitive enough to be in top 8 when you get there. When searching players off FA market you can just set limit that no players under 1000 OR are displayed - you can offer up to ~50k for each player with solid skills and i bet quite quickly you'll have yourself a solid team. Nowdays i almost never offers contracts to players under 1400 OR unless it fits a position i really need (LW example). After few purchaces keep raising your standard and look how high OR players you'll need to compete in the II.2 league. You can offer 1-2M for players with 1300-1400 OR. You will improve your arena and facilities much easier with sponsors from good finish and OTR in II. league than in lower leagues. A team in my country that started on day 105 of S11 promoted in S12 from IV. to III. and in S13 from III. to II. and is 2nd strongest team in my league however the manager hasn't really touched his arena and continued spending on good players, maybe promoting and getting sponsors in I.1 will pay off for him.

I'd also suggest you to only play 3 lines. You aren't going to be competing for NC title or in international tournaments so you won't have energy problems, you don't have any youngsters who need exp and chem - you will also have lower salaries to pay for only 3 lines of players and less players needed - also usually we put worst players on 4th line so you just cut off the weakest link of the chain.

Forgot to mention one important thing, try to play friendlies in a big arena. When i started there were still zero 20k arenas in my country and not many total. I know you'll have very few games with huge rink at start (actually PRO pack and puck might give you ~80% of friendly games at 20k arena!!) but having good OTR, high league poition and with your players being experienced they'll be quite popular which will increase number of spectators greatly a little down the line.

This! I can't thank these guys enough for the help they have given me in PPM. Next season I'll playing in Canada's II.2 and I believe I have a pretty decent roster to stay there. I'll continue to path of acquiring FA's to help sustain me team and I'll try to build a maxed out arena section at the beginning of next season.

And friendly in big arenas is a huge plus. They help me play expenses and save for upgrades.

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