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Originally Posted by Jagr68NYR94Leetch View Post
Up until the past 2 weeks!?!? He has been playing great ALL year and not once was there a thought to bump him up onto the top 2 lines until recently. Prucha had a great rookie season but where has he been this year. Put aside who he's played with this season, he has done nothing to show the type of game he possessed last season. He handles the puck like a hot potato. A perfect example would be last night in the third period when he couldnt control the puck but was saved as he was losing the puck because a Capital player hit him to take a penalty. And you dont need certain players around you to shoot the puck when you have the chance and hit the net. Thats all him, he hasnt been shooting the puck well. And anyway you look at it this thread still has nothing to do with him. Why is he being brought up when its Hossa we are talking about because its Hossa who has been playing good? Now it sounds like I hate Prucha when I really dont but when I have to see someone come and post on a thread against Hossa using Prucha as part of his debate I'm take Hossa;s side because he has been the better player.

Are you kidding??? Prucha has had much more opportunities on the top 2 lines as opposed to Hossa. Hossa hasnt been up on the top 2 lines until these past 2 weeks. Prucha while being on them has done absolutely nothing! Hossa gets his shot and immediately produces. I know there is this feeling of defending Prucha because you know its still there that he can score 30 goals, its in him but Hossa has been playing gread lets not take the credit away from him when he has earned the credibility just because you like Prucha better. Again there was no reason to bring him up in this thread.

Let's see because Prucha has a small body, he has been run at continuously and last year as we all know a Flyer took a run at him, injuring him. Since then he hasnt been the same player, not in the least bit. I give him a lot of credit for getting up every time but he just hasnt been the same player. On top of this like I said before he doesnt have great puck handling skills, his best attribute is his shot but that hasnt been going good for him this year. Hossa on the other hand creates great space with his size and ability to handle the puck. He almost always comes out of the corner with the puck drawing two guys to him because it is hard to get the puck from him. What does this do? It creates space for Jagr to make things happen like he did last year. Hossa also has a great shot. Hossa can do more with Jagr than Prucha can. C'mon just look at the last few games with Hossa on Jagr's line. All year Jagr has had no jump in his game, all the sudden with Hossa on his line he looks faster because he is open more now. He is skating harder because he is getting free more with Hossa on his line. The chemistry is there because Hossa is there.

Yeh but Shanny has 25+ goals this season! And most of the season he had been with Cullen. Thats the difference. Prucha needs guys for him to play better. Hossa doesnt. Hossa has been playing great all year, having an all around game making things happen while always being with guys like Betts and Ward who cant/couldnt finish. He finally gets his shot playing the same way he has all year and now its showing because he is appearing on the score sheet finally. Prucha is put on the PP with Jagr and he;s still not doing anything so dont say he;s not being given a shot. The Rangers had 2 PP goals last night from the unit Prucha is on and he had nothing to do with either one. Stop making excuses for a guy who has simply had a bad year. Who knows maybe he;ll have a good playoffs if they make it or a better year next season.

Oh please, sure he's been knocked off the puck before but c'mon man, your the one ignoring how he's truely played this season. He's been winning the puck in the corners all year coming off the boards to the middle and making things happen. Sure he's missed the net. But with every time he might have missed the net it was an opportunity he created for himself on those bottom two lines. This isnt just some 5 game "hotflash" he has played a strong, solid 2 way game all year. He worked hard in the offseason to correct his game and it has been paying off.

Couldn't agree more. Well said.

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