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02-20-2014, 06:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Amazing how nobody remembers players like Talbot, Girardi and Stralman when talking about experiments. People just whine about those who failed as if they cost us anything. I will sign a thousand Tommy Grants if it means getting one Girardi at the end.
Absolutely. Take those fliers. So Grant is bombing out. The more I watch Allen, the more I think he's got a very real shot of being a top 4 defenseman in the league. He's smooth, unflappable and has an underrated breakout pass.

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
I agree. Could be Dov or LeNeveu
Also agreed. I was advocating a few pages back that they use a couple of SPCs on vets for Hartford, including one for a vet goalie. Grummet-Morris would be my choice, but LeNevue would be good too, if Dov isn't amenable for whatever reason.

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Malcolm is a year older (almost to a day) than Missiaen. At least Miss had a good streak in the AHL late last season, what has Malcolm showed us?

Even now in the ECHL, Miss is having a better season than Malcolm. Miss has 2.49 and .927, while Malcolm is at 2.74 and .915. Had Malcolm been 20 years old, I'd give him a break, but the guy is 25. Had Miss been a tremendous goalie who's too good for the ECHL and was sent down only because of the numbers game, I'd also give Malcolm a break.

But Miss sucks. His terrible play forced the Rangers to sign not one, but two goalies because they couldn't trust him (or Malcolm, for that matter) to be even the backup. If you are worse than Missian and you are a year older, even though you may have less pro experience, I don't trust you to do anything, not even as an AHL backup. I just don't believe that 25 year olds, no matter how little pro experience they have, can make a leap from being just ok in the lower league to being ok in the higher league. ECHL is where Malcolm will spend his career.
Miss really does suck. I imagine he's able to use his size effectively at the lower levels, but once he gets to the A, he's forced to move side-to-side and he just falls apart.

As for Malcolm, I don't want to say he's got a ton of upside, but I think you're writing him off just a tad too quick. He hasn't even been in the organization for a full season yet. Let's not call his goose cooked until he's had at least 2 or 3 training camps with the team. After all, it took Cam (granted he was younger) 4 years in the organization to pull it all together.

Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
At least Stajcer is 2+ years younger than Malcolm, there's an off-chance of an unexpected breakthrough. I'd say he's a more legit prospect for either NHL (extremely unlikely) or the AHL.
I put them in about the same category for the reason I stated above (Stajcer has an extra year in the organization, despite being younger). Both have an outside chance of being useful, but I don't have high hopes for either.

Skapper, on the other hand, is really starting to pique my interest. I know nyr2k2 has been beating his drum for a couple of months now - was there anyone who was a big fan when we picked him? If so, great call.

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