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02-11-2007, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by RE-HABS View Post
You have stated the obvious, but no one here hass the balls to say Koivu is a 2nd line centre and he is not a true set up man.

Ryder could thrive in Montreal if a true playmaking 1st line legit centre was brought in to feed the puck to him. I think Ryder carries the puck too much too, but his centre in Koivu losses it as much as him because he doesn't dish it when he should.

Look at Cheechoo, he is having a bad year this year but he was always a goal scorer with the ability to be a 30+ guy. The Sharks go out and get him the centre he needs in Thornton and what does he do? Wins the Rocket Richard Trophy and becomes a 50 goal scorer. Gainey if he is smart gets that type of player for Ryder.

Kurri had Gretzky.
Hull had Oates.
Andreychuk had Turgeon, Lafontaine, Hawerchuk and Gilmour.
Neely had Janney and Oates.

There are so many players out there that were good or great goal scorers, none were setting themselves up by themself all the time. They had a playmaker who did the right pass, found their shooter open and had the skill and creativity to get that puck on their stick.

Koivu is not and can not do that.

Like you said, Ryder needs a good centreman and we do not have to me the Ryder slump is not all his fault, people need to realize that instead of having a target on one player.

I think you can argue both ways, Ryder would be a better player if he played with a Center like Thornton and Koivu would play better if he was given 1st line wingers. You definitely have an arguement that Koivu would not be a 1st line center on most teams, but I think I have a stronger arguement that Ryder would not be a 1st line winger on any team.

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