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02-12-2007, 10:24 AM
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The only reason Ryder always ends up carrying the puck in the zone is because instead of making a standard breakout and passing the puck to Koivu who is curling out of the Habs zone, he buries his head and tumbles into the offensive zone at 2km/h all the while Koivu is skating at half speed so as to not go offside. Then when Ryder goes over the blueline he tries a *****ing toe-drag (in slow motion) against an NHL defenseman (it's not Junior ffs) and gets owned every time.

And you're all talking about how he doesn't get in front, he has blown AT LEAST 20 point blank opportunities in front of the net (most of these were before the team slump) which particularly angered me because Koivu and Higgins were doing all the work and then when they finally got the puck to the "sniper", Stonehands himself would ***** it all up.

Ryder sucks, send him packing.

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