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02-12-2007, 10:26 AM
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Originally Posted by bleedblue94 View Post
yes he was .... till he lost that edge he had that he didnt care what he did and who you were ... only that his team won and he would do anything to make it so. he lost that during the world cup against the USA when he just couldnt bring himself to go after leetch to slow him down, or richter to get him off his game. jeff klein wrote in a book about messier that that was the point in his career that he lost his true ability to lead and be the player he always had been..... very interesting book
I read that too, I rememer when that happened, I had a slightly diffrent take on it than and somehwhat feel the sameway now, but I can see how that would be the begining of the end as it was. I Think Mess would feel diffrently.

We will just never know what would have happened to the Franchise had Mess never left for Vancover.

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