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02-21-2014, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
I'm not just saying "anything could've happened". Ryan is a better scorer than Brown, no question. The chances are greater he could've found a way to score against Canada vs someone like Brown (among others). I'm not say he would've, but the chances are greater. That's a factual statement.

Now you can say but Ryan might have screwed things up defensively, where as we can trust Brown (something David Poile would say). That's something that's harder to measure or put probability to.

But VS Cananda, "we need goal scoring ability" to quote Dean Lombardi. We didn't have it.

I personally do not like Bylasma all that much. He's OK, but there are better coaches out there.
Ryan's just not a player likely to assert himself off the perimeter any better than Kessel, Kane, or Parise did. He wouldn't have been a decided factor in preventing us from getting pinned in our zone and poor in transition, which was what took a lot of the steam off our attack. The chances we did create were as a result of the speed of some of the above forwards, in which sphere Brown is actually superior to Ryan.

Could he have given us a better chance? Perhaps, when factoring his lack of "complete game," as you allude to. Is the loss a result of not selecting him? No.

Agree on Bylsma to an extent. I think even Trotz would have tried to start activating defensemen a lot earlier than the US did today. While he's getting criticized a lot for all the dumping and chasing, when you consider Canada's time of possession it was the only choice for our players to make a lot of the game. I think we probably got a little too comfortable with the way our forwards were able to break down defenses earlier in the tournament, and couldn't adjust to how strong Canada's D was.

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