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02-12-2007, 12:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs10Habs View Post
I'm actually pretty intelligent, so no it wasn't an ignorant comment, a sarcastic one maybe.

I didn't see Koivu being a problem last year in the playoffs. Once he went down the team crumbled like a deck of cards. Was Koivu part of that problem too? I also didn't see him being a problem through the first 40 gms of the season.

I also can't believe that you would put Koivu in the same category as Theodore and Ribiero, you obviously don't pay too much attention to what goes on with the Habs??
Koivu was invisible during the last playoffs ( in the 2-3 games he played ). The team went down because Carolina put Ward in the net . The Canes were dominated by the Habs , but ward stopped everything .

For sure The Habs were better with Saku in the team , but to say that we went down because he was not there is a myth . I don't know why , but everytime the things are going well , or that one of his linemate is scoring a lot , it's always because of Saku , but when the things are going down , it's never his fault .

The Saku's fans have to open their eyes . Saku would be a very good player if the NHL would play 30 - 40 games per season , but it isn't the reality of the NHL .

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