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02-12-2007, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by antidot View Post
i never pretend he wasn't here to learn , Waffledave . I said that the management didn't take that decision when the team was in a slump . And i said that because you said that you think that they asked Ryder to play the way he 's playing , BECAUSE THEY WANT HIM TO LEARN or to add other parts in his game .

Latendresse has 4 points for the last 10 games and is -1
Ryder has 5 points for the last 10 games and is -9
Koivu has 3 points and is -7
Kovalev has 5 points and is +1

Considering that all the team is in a slump , i don't see why you are saying that Latendresse is sucking . He hits , he goes in front of the net , he plays a more safe defensive game .
The players noted above have been terrible. The only good players recently have been the 3rd line. However, guys like Koivu and Kovalev are vets and will not be demoted or benched because there's nobody else to take their place.

Ryder and Latendresse are part of the future of this team and likely are long term fixtures. Management recognizes that Ryder is one-dimentional and they are trying to get him to round out his game. That's why I beleive he's doing what he's doing. He's not suited for it but the only way for him to learn is to practice.

Just like Latendresse is weak when it comes to skating, but they keep him on speed lines because they want to develop his skills. I'm not picking on Latendresse, I like him alot. I'm just pointing out that he's also playing a role he's not suited or ready for.

They aren't asking Ryder to play badly, they're asking him to learn how to do things outside his comfort zone. If he ends up being a better overall player for it in the future, then it's a good decision. Just like having Latendresse on the top 2 lines may hurt the team in the short-term, it's better for the team in the long run.

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