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02-22-2014, 02:14 AM
Todd Harvey
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That's right on Danny Kristo. I totally forgot he got banged up.
The Olympics just shut down the Rangers part of my brain LOL.
It's been so weird, the news blackout, the Cally & Girardi situations left up in the air, we were on such a nice roll. And the one thing on Kristo is, it's late in the year for tryouts.
That said, I think a lot of people underestimate the Rangers intent this year; I think they feel they can play with anybody, and with a tweak here or there, they absolutely can. So its pretty exciting.

Things is, this deadline stacks up as unlike any we've seen in some time. Every year we wait for big moves and most dont materialize.
But I've felt all along, the ability now to absorb cap space & salary in deals, and SO many teams stuck in seeming no man's land of being good but not great, with their competive cycles ticking, just really makes me expect the unexpected.
Vanek could land in Minnesota just as well. SJ could go overboard for Callahan, but IDK who they'd part with off their roster. I think Cammaleri becomes the fallback option out west for whomever doesnt land Vanek or Moulson.
I've had a funny feeling something just isnt right with Subban in MTL, or maybe its in Canada in general. That's another team that's shown some signs but needs to strive to get better (not that I think dealing a Norris winner is the way to go LOL). Philly's been chomping at the bit to deal. Leafs too. Pitt & Boston both are going to scoop up somebody good. The Jets have enough talent to deal that they can easily push a borderline team (or two) over the top depending what they decide.
The Isles? At this point, that's just a brutal, horrendous thing to happen to them; I never want to see pros in the Olympics again. Snow needs to look to their long-term interests. But then how long have they been saying that? Ive had friends tell me Im nuts, and they might not be wrong, but Im not 100% Dustin Brown stays a King all that long. He's got a monster deal kicking in and has not at all seemed like a happy camper. His coach might say the same. So it's a very unusual set of circumstances. And as we get virtually no reporting anymore until just before a deal is finalized, I really dont know what to expect.
I am confident Sather will make sensible moves here, and strong ones if he can. And that's more confidence in him than I usually have, to say the least. But he's got chips to play here and overall sits in a very solid position trades-wise.

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