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02-22-2014, 02:09 AM
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Originally Posted by Up the Irons View Post
If their plan is to change all the players they drafted, one must question why they drafted them in the first place. Yak is a perfect example of this. didn't they scout him? Surely, they knew (or should have) that the kid has the defensive awareness of a 10 year old.

if Mact doesn't like any of the players he's got, it seems strange that he would hold at least 7 of them as untouchable. Will the morphing of Hall into a 200' player hurt him or help him? At this point, I would say it will help him. As you state, there is a risk. I certainly feel they would have been better off going forward with Kruger than with Eakins. We shall see if the Eakins gamble (and it is a huge gamble) will work out.. I would say, at this point, it is more likely to fail than to succeed.
Don't know why they draft players they feel the need to tear down, but the results are not only obvious - but also spectacularly bad.

The Oilers haven't been a competitive franchise since 2006, and they are still trying to jam that square peg in the round hole while the rest of the league stands around snickering at how bad they are.

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