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02-02-2004, 10:50 PM
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Living in Florida I was forced to get Center Ice, if I wanted to watch the Rangers this season. Like a sucker I ordered it thinking, well hey they probably wont' make the playoffs but it'll be fun to watch. How wrong I was. It used to be when a Rangers game came on I would put aside everything else, not go out ect ect... it's gotten to the point now that I find myself laughing at the Rangers and cheering for the other team (unless it's the fishsticks, debbies or cryers) because it's just not fun to root for the Rangers. I wouldn't care if they lost every game as long as they put some sort of effort on the ice. This hasn't been the case in about 95% of the games this year.
So tonight I'll be out playing soccer, I didn't even bother to record the game because I already know what it will look like. It's just really sad that it's come to this.

So my vote on the poll is (I've already stopped watching)

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