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02-12-2007, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
I watched Malik closely against TB and I thought he played a near flawless game. Nothing fancy, just solid outlet passes, one after another. He is our best first pass defenseman. That may be an indictment of the rest of the them but does not alter the fact that he is dependable for that. He gets an amazingly bum rap in this forum and at the Garden.

The Rangers consistently play better with him than without him. His plus/minus is not a mirage or an aberration. One can argue how much of a positive he is but it's an indication that he is certainly not hurting his team.

Again, not saying he is in any way special and if someone wants to give us better value, fine.
Wow, the Malik lovefest is on! The team plays two good games, and Malik and dependable are used in the same sentence for the first time all season! He played a near flawless game! (I guess the lazy hooking penalty was what made it 'near' flawless.

His plus/minus is not a mirage or an aberration! Wow. I forget chosen, were you in the other thread defending Malik when everyone was all over him a couple of weeks ago, when we were losing?

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