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02-12-2007, 05:06 PM
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I can only comment on the 80's onward obviously, but I think there is serious work that needs to be done.

Scoring is up but not up to the exciting levels it was 20 years ago and the cost ( a lot of physical play, fighting, etc.) has really left a game that feels kind of soul-less.

The problem isn't that the average fan can't see the puck (can anyone really see a baseball being thrown 95 mph?), the problem is that people don't care about hockey.

The emotion is really lacking, their not exposed to it and at the end of the day it feels like it has holes in it.

At the end of the day a big part of marketing is knowing your audience and knowing your potential audience and the NHL hasn't sold the game to them. They've made changes that THEY want and not what their audience wants and in their efforts to try and hard sell people on the sport, they've replaced a lot of the elements that drew people in.

To market something is to understand it's history and you frankly have a lot of people who neither know or respect the sports history. Look at our society, we are a people who like physical, rough, passionate contests combined with skill. Hockey had that once, it doesn't any longer.

It's many factors that contribute, but at the end of the day hockey has become more concerned about protecting it's "leaders" than actually asking whether or not those people were leading the NHL in the right direction.

13 years ago hockey was the sport everyone wanted to climb on board with, THAT was the moment to capitalize on. Today it's a sport that can't even generate more buzz than professional poker or fishing.

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