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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
Thinking of going to hawaii? Watch out for the locals.

Meth is a hell of a drug I guess.

Too bad the Reagan and Bush administration waged the war on Maui wowie and basically eradicated any grow supply on the islands and now the drugs of choice are crap like meth and crack. Go figure.

No way that family would be dealing with any of this with some local with a good skunk buzz on.

Anyway things are changing on the islands but kind of what you get when all of mainland has dreams of moving to the islands. pushes up real estate prices astronomically, spoils much of the islands with developments, golf courses, resorts encroaching on the beauty one bay after another.

My own approach to Hawaii is to visit it, not to possess or own it. The millions of people trying to own Hawaii are perhaps being part of the problem. That Hawaii real estate program is a nice looking dream that a lot of people seem to be chasing but maybe it should only be a dream.

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