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02-02-2004, 10:34 PM
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Originally Posted by LiquidClown
That's exactly my point Brook you stated in your last post that practice wasn't going to do anything. My point is that I dont' give 2 shi*s if it helps them or not. They need to be skating until they can't skate anymore. It's all about being responsible and accountable. I want to here that they're at least making the effort. It's disgusting.

It does have something to do with the players wether you want to admit it or not. It's accountability, I don't know if you ever played sports but when I played you don't just play when your coach/boss tells you to. You go out and give it your all, everytime, everynight. There's no excuses to not be practicing. It's pathetic that they don't go to the practice. I dont' care if the practices are optional or not, they need to practice. It really shows who cares about the team and who doesn't. I really really wish they'd release the names of players that show up for the optional practices. This team has no heart or soul anymore. No players like Langdon or Stock. Granted I'm not saying either or both of them would have made a difference but at least it shows initiative to TRY and be better. You're blind Brook if you think the players have nothing to do with this situation. Sather can only lead them so far. Without the players showing some kind of drive or initiative it's useless.

What it boils down to is this organization is in probably in one of the worst states any sports organization anywhere could be in. The management sucks, the players suck everything sucks. It's horrible.
So you're suggesting that even though the coaching staff didn't call a practice, the players should show up anyway and practice without them? I did play sports in high school and if we had ever done that we would have been beaten up by the coach and then thrown off the team. "It's my way or not at all" she would bellow at the top of her lungs!

Players are supposed to do what they are told. Blame the guy who's running the team for not calling practices, not the players. Having players police themselves only works if there are clear rules and expectations for them to follow. There is no system here, there is no accountablity here, there is no team here.

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