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Originally Posted by Oi'll say! View Post
Funny that the talk about Eakins dies down after Scrivens has a couple of completely unrealistic performances in net and the Oiler have an improbable "points in games they shouldn't have gotten points in" streak.

The Oilers were playing well enough to earn some points in a few games before the Sharks game but that was it. Pretty much everything after that was fluke.

I don't care how many coaches they have had recently, Eakins is a bad fit for this team and most likely the nhl in general. I'm not sure what else he can do to prove it. He needs to go.
Good goaltending always helps take the pressure off any other problems in your team. Scrivens and Bryzgalov have both made the net way more stable and its something we no longer have to worry about (this season anyway).

I've been kicking this around in my head though, in lieu of the romours that Mact was trying to get Maurice here as an associate coach, and mentor for Eakins. Say hypothetically Maurice agreed to this, wouldn't that neuter Eakins presence in the locker room? He would be labelled head coach, but Maurice is the one with the wisdom, so the players would be going to him with questions, and to get him to teach/show them certain things on the ice. This would be the situation even if the name is not Maurice. So my idea is this because with Eakin's contract, he is here for a while. In the off-season demote him to the associate coach role (and fire Buchburger!) , and hire the new person who is an NHL veteran as the true head coach, and have Eakins mentored this way for 3 seasons. By now (and by then) Eakins has gotten to know the players in the room, which keeps some continuity in the room, and he would learn more about coaching at the NHL level. I think this would be easier on the players in the room too, as this would be the proper set up for the chain of command.

Having Eakins as head coach, and the mentor the associate, when the mentor is clearly superior, is improper and stupid in my mind. Its putting the horse behind the wagon.

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