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02-22-2014, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by AHB View Post
I love how people overrated so many players because of a 12 day tournament. Granlund has been great, sure, but anyone can get hot over a 7 game tournament.

Should an NHL team go out and sign Masalskis or Laco because they were somewhat lights out in Sochi. How about Ozolinsh. He was great out there, get him back in blue.

Based on 7 games, you guys want to trade the farm for Granlund. That is EXTREMELY short-sighted.

I'm not saying he won't be a good or even great player. But Stepan, Miller, a couple firsts for an unproven commodity. Come on.

Stepan is so insanely underrated here due to his bad season it's becoming unbearable. He is being asked to play and carry a 1st line when in reality he is a second line 1B center.

You don't trade those. They are important. We already dumped Anisimov. You need STRENGTH down the middle to win championships. Trading those chips away is a recipe for failure.
Apples to Oranges. A young, cost controlled, future #1C already playing in the NHL versus has-beens and never was.

I wouldn't trade both Stepan AND Miller, but I'd move one of them plus whatever, to get back a future #1C.

It's unrealistic yeah, but they need to find a #1C, high impact forward. Where else are they getting it? Stepan? No, he's not that, never will be. Miller will be a very good #2 in my estimate. Still not the #1 they need. You harp on the importance of center depth, well the most important center is the first one.

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