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02-22-2014, 03:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Fitzy View Post
What I'm saying is that for me, I'd be playing just as hard knowing it's better to go home with a Bronze than the absolute travesty that would be not medalling at all. Especially if I'm not one of the guys who won silver in 2010.

Failing with a 64 is not as bad as failing with a 20, and IMO the USA not medalling at all, even though the goal was gold, is the biggest possible embarrassment.

Only way to salvage this Olympics will be if Hank wins gold tomorrow. USA better come out all guns blazing in world cup 2015.
I agree with all of this. Seems we are discussing semantics and extremes.

Regardless of my lack of caring for Bronze, their performance today was embarrassing for US hockey.

I don't care about their lack of hardware as much as i do their lack of waking up. An athlete should always be proud to play for their country, even in a game that is essentially irrelevant.

My harsh feelings stemming from our loss yesterday probably overflowed into my previous post.

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