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02-22-2014, 04:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Baronsfan View Post
Na, don't have to. I was just curious hearing the reasoning, I wasn't trying to start a debate or pissing match. It's undoubtedly probably due to our culture in 'Merica of thinking we are superior at everything. I know it isn't true, and I hate my fellow Americans who have that mindset. Hope the last two games gave them humble pie and a good measuring stick at the fact that we haven't arrived to Canada's hockey dominance.... Yet. Who knows, we might not ever be.
Already PM'ed. Not about the people. Especially ordinary people. Avarice whether it be this nation or the next tends to breed more in the most successful people but with some embracing unchecked ego more than others.

This encapsulates it perfectly. tbh I just can't see a Canadian reacting with this I deserve to win, I have to win, why didn't I win petulance.

Its the ugly and I don't know how these traits get fostered in some south of the border. They wouldn't be embraced here. At all.

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