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02-12-2007, 06:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Muttley View Post
I'm now the oldest guy on my beer league team. Nobody else is over the age of 30 yet. Everybody is between the age of 19 through 28.

They now call me "gramps", "pops" and my water bottle is referred to as "fossil fuel" & I have to put up with emo, hip-hop and my music selection is called "old peoples' music".

There are over 30, 35, 40 leagues, etc, but I would never even think twice of joining them. As long as I keep in shape and my skating doesn't slow down, I can't ever see leaving this group of guys. And they bring their girfriends to games too, so that's always special...

I'm just curious of other people's age ranges on their particular teams. Some people don't like playing with younger dudes as they call them puck hogs, immature, etc. I love it and I feel that it keeps me young.
Sounds like you and I are in the same boat. I'm 44 and still prefer to play with the younger guys that have wheels. I've recently relocated and am still looking to get on a club full-time. Right now I'm sparing here and there. On my old team I was the oldest and think the next oldest guy on the club was 10 or 12 years younger than me. They all called me, "Moses".

I prefer playing with the young guys that have the wheels and like to play with some aggression. Old timer hockey doesn't have slapshots and it is too "gentlemanly" (for the most part) for my liking.

Also, when you play with the younger crowd you can pretty much guarantee they have come out of organized hockey and have a good understanding of positioning, etc. Old-timer hockey you run across many players who never played in their younger days and are clueless (especially D-men) who have NO idea how to protect the front of their net.

For some, getting out and playing just for the fun of it is all that there needs to be. I'm not critical of those - I just prefer to play at a more competitive level. Perhaps some day I will outgrow this desire.

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