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02-22-2014, 06:26 PM
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Originally Posted by yukoner88 View Post
I said three years because that's when Eakin's current contract expires, depending on what results/locker room feed back make your decision from there
3 years is a long time to wait considering how far the team dropped the minute he stepped into the locker room.

I could be a bit more patient if the team was equal to or a bit better or worse than last season but it's like they jumped off a cliff. If some players had shown improvement that would be something but all of our young guns have plateaued.

The team had 3 points after their first 8 gp, they had 8 points at the end of Oct out of a possible 28.

Their best month so far was 13 points out of a possible 30 in Dec, but January was right back down to October's level again. They had 11 of 28 points including the two phantom points against the Sharks.

Seriously how many meaningful games have the Oilers played in the last 5 years? We had a lockout, so we were only in the playoff hunt for 6 weeks last season, this season we had 10 games or so right at the beginning of Oct but they lost almost every single one of them so it wasn't all that meaningful.

This is ******** if we start the next season with no better chances of making the playoffs than we had this season, and with virtually no chance at developing our young players.

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