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02-03-2004, 12:26 AM
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First of all I thought Conroy had one more year on his contract. My fault sorry. Montreal would loose an offensive D-man and gain a top 4 d-man in return. Plus gain a big center and prospect for the future. I lived in Calgary watched Gauthier and he's good but has had trouble this year. and I guess my point is.. you have to look at a situation and analysis it. What would Calgary want in return?? Calgary needs scoring and a offensive D-man and doesn't have much cash. Maybe you would rather trade Ryder, Zednik, or Riberio, maybe Souray he's cheap. I'm sure Calgary would listen. To many posters think you should get a lot and give a little and it doesn't work that way! Two sides to every trade. If it happens and its Sundstrom for Gauthier it will be a steal!! Actually Montreal has two 3rd picks this year mabe Sundstrom, 3rd for Gauthier?? But how does this help Calgary??

Oh and my mock trade was an EXAMPLE!!!

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