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02-23-2014, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
This team is good, really dominant D, good coaching, team with a plan that sticks to it.

I can't get this line of thinking at all. I think we're on a dryspell right now with upcoming players and no Crosbys and Toews coming down the pike.

As evidenced by our World Junior crash and burns we should be enjoying these Oly wins right now. Because I see some bare spots up ahead. This was a veteran team that got us the win at the Olympics this year. I don't see as much up and coming that are going to be this good. I don't see a single Doughty or Weber coming up. No Prongers. This could be some lean times.

As far as Subban he's 24.5yrs old and couldn't crack the Oly starting lineup . He'll be close to 29 by the next Olympics. I hardly see him as anything more than a blip on the Oly radar. One and out. If the NHL continues to compete.
I disagree. Your examples are bit off. A crash and burn in the Juniors represents the far future. Imo a dry patch wouldn't happen unless we had 5 consecutive years of bad performances.

Subban is just one promising young player for Canada for the near future. Doughty is the same age and neither player is in their prime.

We'll still get a few Olympics out of Crosby and Weber. A lot could happen in that time. Young players tend to get better over time. Maybe we won't have a new Weber but we'll have a whole new team with a whole new character to it.

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