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02-13-2007, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Kurtenbach was possibly the best fighter I ever saw in the NHL. Best Kurtenbach moment:

Kurtenbach checked Cowboy Bill Flett of the Flyers. Flett threw down his gloves and turned to face Kurtenbach. When he saw it was Orland he just picked up his gloves and skated away. I think I wrote that here before but it remains one of my favorite moments at the Garden.

The second best Ranger was easily Steve Vickers who scored a couple of KO's one season. After that no one would go near him. Hadfield was also good and every time that Chicago came to town you could count on Hadfield beating up Keith Magnuson, who was no slouch himself. Domi was also a great scrapper. By the time we got Kocur he was no longer a great fighter, but still a good one.

The toughest Rangers team would have to be from the early 70's. In addition to those already mentioned they had Park who would take on anyone and usually did, one of the reasons it will be sad when they retire the #2 jersey.

If we want to talk about the Rangers' grittiest team it may have been under Ted Sator. His teams played hard every night.
Vickers could fight, when he wanted too but noit extremley tough...Unfortuantely, we had a few guys that could fight back then--but they had to get really pissed....

ONe tough Ranger team, I think was in the 73-75

Scrappers like Jerry Butler, Ted Irvine, Bert Wilson, ROn Harris along with tough players liek Tkachuck, Fairburn, maybe even Derek Sanderson and guys like Park, Greschner and Vickers when they chose to get mad..

And one guy to mention after Orland Kurtenbach is REGGIE FLEMMING. one tough *******

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