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About Yourself
Name: Jared
Age: 32
Location: Salem MA

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 26
Current Team: none
Current League: StinkySocks Hockey NCH
Highest Level Played: High School
Current Level: Senior B/C
Position: Defense
Type of Player: Recovering goon
Player You Emulate: Terry O'Reilly

Current Gear
Helmet: Easton S19
Shoulders: CCM Supra SP500
Elbows: Easton Vapor X.30
Shins: Easton Synergy EQ50
Gloves: Bauer Vapor X.20
Skates: Bauer Custom Supreme 1000
Stick: Easton H4799

Look at this bad ass:

1993. The H4799 just showing it's first battle scars.

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