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02-23-2014, 05:22 PM
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Originally Posted by Gh24 View Post
One goal loss to the best team, but what about the other games. A shootout victory over the biggest flop of the tournament.

And that bronze game embarrasment doesn't help the case at all.

But what's with people trying to find the reason from the individuals?

Would Ryan really have made a difference?

You were unable to score a single goal in your last two games. With all that goal scoring talent you had already, do you guys really think that not having one more played a significant role in that?

Take Finland for example. Who there (skaters) has individual talent to match anyone from USA? Maybe it's a stronger teamwork mentality or commitment to the coaching system.
They know it's their only way to succeed with a team like that.

One may argue that everyone in team USA has the necessary commitment, but then again, do they? Talented players have different kind of roles in their clubs and if you're used to be doing what you do, it may be difficult to transit into a new system and to be just another piece of the puzzle.

Lesser talents on the other hand live by being able to defer to the coaching systems, so it doesn't require that much from them.

Pointing the blaming finger at the coaching department right away is not right. You have to take the commitment point of view into account first and THEN point that finger, blaming that the coaches were unable to make the players commit!
I actually think the problem is that the best americans only play together as a team every 4 years… all the other years the world championship teams are filled with players whose teams miss the playoffs and aren't nursing any injuries, etc. Whereas team Finland and Team Sweden often have a lot of the same players year in and year out and have a jump on gelling as a team.

Lack of team chemistry led to the Americans lack of offense.

Canada was almost as bad on offense, but had the talent to push through one goal when it really mattered.

if the NHL players do not participate in 2008, I would like to see the USA do like they did in the amateur days, get a team together in the summer prior and have them play and practice together for months before the games.

if the NHL does send players in 2018, I think putting as many teammates together as possible might help alleviate this problem a little bit

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