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Originally Posted by nofool6110 View Post
I saw that Ellis "rumbling" in another thread. Ugh. Schultz >> Ellis at defence, and that disaster would simply be hilarious to watch. Well, for turned-masochistic Oilers fans.

The numbers and stats show otherwise - i.e. he's elite, and you should pick him up if you have the opportunity, but I'd be seriously cautious in picking up Roman Josi. I'm nervous about players playing with excellent D partners (MAB, anyone?) and I've always been underwhelmed by his game. I didn't think much of it at the Olympics either. Jmho.

Would he be an improvement on our d-corps? Definitely. Is that worth J. Schultz (his potential his higher than Josi's play, imo)/Petry (much maligned player is the only competent D man we have)/the 1st? Absofreakingnot. Especially if you're giving Gagner away (gifting, really, no matter how much you hate him) and not getting a centre back, you're going to need someone to step into that role for the next season, the 1st can get you someone who can.


That's the bigger problem with the Gagner rumour - who's his replacement? Nothing in the pipeline suggests that will be filled (Lander notwithstanding - the organization seems to have loved him and now hates him) and the crop of FAs are very slim to none in the #2C department. Unless you want to severely overpay Stastny or Grabo, bring in an aging borderline #2C like Jokenin/Roy, promote Arco/Lander to a role their NHL data suggests will probably tax them and thus the team, or do something radical (Hall to centre, verison 2), you better be getting a centre back with the Gagner trade.

I've trusted MacT so far. I doubt he'd make a stupid decision. I'll refrain from making a proposal, this isn't really the thread, but I'd rather target Anaheim.

EDIT: realizing Petry hasn't been signed, if they offer you Josi for Gagner and Petry, I guess I'd take it.
It's apparent you watch players. We don't see that much around these boards when it comes to valuing a player. People turn on their NHL game and because 6 bozos in Vancouver put Josi's trade value high in a video game, people thinks he's just going to be a great player. Now, I'm not going to bash him or say he's not going to be a top guy but there's many a question in regards to his play. Look at how horrible Voynov played in the Olympic's not being sheltered like he's been in LA and I think more of him than I do Josi. One thing I try and keep in mind with Josi is Poille locking him up long term. He's a pretty good judge of D and he knows when to cut ties or lock a guy up. Even with that said, I'd be hesitant to send good value for him straight up. Especially when this team needs to hit on pretty much every move they make.

Same thing with Wilson really. On the flip side of Nashville being a breeding ground on the backend, they've really over valued guys up front and Wilson may not be an exception to that. They're giving him every opportunity to succeed and if his name is being thrown out there with a guy like Ellis, that tells me they're not impressed with him as much as they were only last summer. Tells me, there's something not right with him. A team starved for offense who's willing to move him, doesn't look good on the surface. If they want Gagner instead of Wilson, that should say something. Especially if they're only offering Ellis included.

As for Ellis? Nobody should want this guy. At all. I honestly believe the Preds will try to move him for something in the next two weeks and if he's not moved, I would say it's 50/50 if he's even qualified. He's not getting any better and you simply can't just have a pp specialist on the blueline anymore. He'd be a disaster with the Oilers.

I'm all for moving Gagner if it makes the team better. I've been on these boards for years and it's odd when your own fan base undervalues one of their players. People are going to be surprised at the value he actually brings. It's not going to be just a Kyle Clifford coming in return. The Kings better be offering Vey, Pearson or Forbort also.

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