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02-23-2014, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by HeavyHitter99 View Post
I still find him to be a better 2 way player than Gagner though. Do you think Gagner is better defensively?
In terms of two way play, Gagner is maybe better than Yakupov (the barely not a rookie) in tracking his man and breaking out in the d-zone. Eberle, as much as he is maligned on this board, can play in his own zone, Hall uses his speed to carry the play into the o-zone and spend as little time in the d-zone, RNH is learning the ropes really well, and Perron is a breath of 2-way fresh air. This, btw, is on the worst 2-way top 6 in the Western Conference.

Saying Wilson is better than Gagner at defensive play is truly not a bold statement. Most players are. If Gagner was any better playing defense, we wouldn't trade him. Understanding that, Gagner has Wilson beat black and blue in the offensive zone.

Even then, Gagner has more experience in the league, has played with worse defensive players, has never really played in a system fully healthy, and is a whopping 2-3 months older than Wilson.

Getting super defensive players from structured systems like Nashville and Phoenix (Hendricks at least somewhat so, Boyd Gordon) have worked out for us. But Wilson isn't even good at that. He's a severe downgrade in the offensive zone, he's a marginal (at best, a mediocre) upgrade in the defensive zone, and, from my viewing, might actually play smaller than Gagner. He misses the checklist on size, skill and grit, which is what we're looking for, right?

Between the three of them:
Wilson: Soft, weak, unskilled, medium sized, try issues (from viewing, not sourced), somewhat competent in the defensive zone
Gagner: Grit(tier), weak, skilled, small sized, hard-working (I'm bullish on him), not competent in the defensive zone
Arcobello: Gritty, strong, semi-skilled, comically small, hard-working, somewhat competent in the defensive zone

The best #2C for us in the long term is probably none of the above.

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