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Originally Posted by Spawn View Post
Well if you are asking about 8 years from now... hard to tell. Two Olympics ago how many of this current group of guys were the top line players they are now? Lots were promising players of course, but plenty were still establishing themselves as NHLers (Getzlaf, Perry, Carter, Weber, Keith etc). A handful hadn't even been drafted yet. Toews and Doughty being among them.

12 years... who the hell knows. How many of the players on Team Canada 3 Olympics ago are even still in the NHL. Maybe 5? 12 years is a hell of a long time in hockey. The next Crosby might only be 6 or 7 years old right now.

The fact is that Canada is almost always going to have the best team on paper going into an Olympics (assuming best on best). The things that are going to prevent them from winning isn't going to be that the players aren't good enough. It'll be that they run into a really hot team, or they don't mesh well or injuries or whatever.
Yeah, I don't know how this became the discussion in anycase. On slow days here (and who would think this would be one) it seems anything I state just becomes a focal point of 20 replies. lol

Why isn't anybody talking about the GREAT WIN TODAY!

Great game, great team. Doughty continues to be a god.
Doughty, Crosby, Toews, Bergeron et all were great today.

I would say the only player I wasn't impressed with was Vlasic and to some degree Rick Nash.

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