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02-13-2007, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
This is a understandable misstake that many fans make.

But to ask Malik to play simple, boards out passes, with Jagr and Co just because he makes a few misstakes trying to play constructive, is exactly like asking Nylander not to play defense because he aren't good at it. Playing with Jagr its just not on the map.

Malik connects with a huge majority of his passes, of the around 30 passes very few acutally results in scoring chances against. He plays constructive 90% of the time, and makes the right decisions, showing of really good timming and hockey sense. Dooing that 90% of the time aren't great or even good, but its better then Pck who probably lands at 25-30%, or Tyutin at 50%. Thoose guys plays it simple far to often, and Jagr and Co aren't about to win many battles in the attacking zone, so thoose simple passes more often then not will results in scoring chances and penaltys against. Its simple math.

I didn't say Malik should chip the puck out off the boards, but if he turns the puck over in his own zone so often, maybe chipping the puck out once in a while wouldn't be such a bad idea.

Malik's slow cross ice passes in the neutral zone are too risky. He doesn't complete 90% of his risky passes, not even close, and they too often lead to breakaways or odd-man rushes against. And it's not like Malik's passes are springing people for our own breakaways, most often the BEST thing that happens is we get it out of the zone. And the worst thing that can happen is really bad.

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