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02-13-2007, 12:35 PM
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Originally Posted by MountVancouver'94 View Post
After spening my whole existence in Manhattan...I now live in DC as of this past year. I have gone to both NYR games down here, aswell as other Caps games simply because of my love for Hockey. And let me tell you...PITTS in town, it's 60-40 Penguins fans...Philly, 70-30...etc. etc. They can't get anyone ot come see Ovi...and yes they can't even get Rangers fans to travel here on the road anymore. Back in the early 90's, the road tour was : BOS (the Graden), Philly (The Sloppy Rectum), DC (the old Cap Center!!!) and the occasion igloo. Hell I loved it more than going to the MSG.

It's a damn a huge hockey fan, we need cities like DC & Pitts, and Boston to flourish in the NHL. I want people to sell out arenas. I don't want hockey to ever go away again.

P.S. At this past Sat's game down here in DC...I was wearing a "Brashear Is Garbage" T-Shirt during warmps. (anyone see me???).I planted myself right behind the Caps net and pressed my chest up against the glass for the entire pre-skate. Brashear and Heward shot pucks at my face and gave me nasty looks. But not one fan said a word to me...

Man do I hate Donald!

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