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02-24-2014, 01:26 AM
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I'm obsessed with sticks. Kind of like when I played golf and all I wanted to do was buy wedges instead of actually playing.

Currently I am stuck between a SR Bauer APX2 77 flex cut down 1 inch with a P92 curve and an Intermediate Easton Mako M2 65 flex with an E28 curve. I hate the dimensions of the intermediate stick but it's the perfect length and closer to the right flex than the Bauer. I wish I could find either an intermediate stick with SR dimensions or a SR stick that can be cut down to the length I need it and still be no higher than a 75 flex. Not sure why there isn't at least one stick out there like that.

I hate all sticks with grip. Last stick prior to these two was a Bauer X80 grip with a P14 curve. I hated the grip and then destroyed the stick by cutting it too short and making it stiff as hell.

Next stick in line - not sure about make or model, but I want to try one with a neutral to closed face. Not sure why, just want to try it because I'm a stick monger.

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